It would really sound good to hear that you are working in a big company as their house decorator or interior designer of the home and different rooms. It would look nice and wonderful because of the job description but it is not as easy as what people think about being a house decorator in town and city. They would check a lot of stocks and stuff and at the same time they would browse some orders and click here and there for entertaining the clients. They are also the one fixing the budget or sometime they have given a fixed budget and they need to maximize the money to all the request of the clients.  

 Decorator of a House

As a home decorator, you need to know the different elements and points when you are talking about the house like the different parts and areas of a house. You have to know the name of the different materials and their brands and even the types of them to have a perfect result and planning for the house. It would be struggling at first to make your own name in this kind of working environment but doing your great job continuously you would be able to achieve it. You need to gain so much experience and practices and even learnings in order for people to believe you more and give their hundred percent trust to you.  

There are many ways and secret steps in order for you to become a successful person in this kind of job and have a good salary range in the future. You have to practice your eyes in different kinds of art pieces and works, so you need to visit museums, art gallery and exhibitions during your free time. Look at carefully those pieces of designs not only to the painting, decorations but also to every detail on how it was built and made. You could observe as well the ceiling and the posts of the different structures inside the building and the most important the materials that were used.  

One of the best ways to be able to land in a good company is to secure a proper education and major to a famous university in your country. Even if you say that you are a skilled one, most of the companies would look for those who have proper training and was educated in the school. It will show more reliability when it comes to performing certain task as you could easily understand the terminologies and expressions being used in this work and job.  

You can practice by decorating the house of your friends, relatives and even your own house or apartment and try to take a picture of it before and after. You can add it to your portfolio as long as you have the complete details and proofs when you apply for a job or any vacant position in a company. You may try to get into smaller companies as they would not give so much pressure to you when it comes to working.